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Activate the “WiFi Only” mode to use Google Maps offline

Google Maps offline

Using Google Maps offline is very useful if we do not want to spend data with our mobile connection. However, if we go on a trip, we may not want Google Maps to use up data, for which we can download maps offline, but we do want to have an active mobile data connection to be able to be connected to the Internet. In this case, the ideal option is to activate the “WiFi Only” mode that Google Maps has.

“WiFi only” mode

To do this, we will only have to go to the Google Maps Settings. We run the application, click on the menu button in the upper right corner, and locate the Settings option in the menu. Once here we will have the option “Only WiFi” that we must activate if we want the app not to use mobile data. We can continue to download the maps from a WiFi connection, but at least the application will not use our mobile data connection, which is usually 1, 2, 3 or 4 GB. And if we are going to download maps to use them offline, it will also be ideal to use only the WiFi connection.

Of course, as is logical, if we activate the “Only WiFi” mode, it is because we have downloaded maps to use offline. We already explained how to download maps to use Google Maps offline. In addition, we also explain how to save the maps on the SD memory card so that they do not take up space in the internal memory of the smartphone.

When you activate the «WiFi only» mode in Google Maps, you will see that the upper section of the application turns blue, with the message Only WiFi.