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Add an emergency contact on your Android lock screen

Emergency contact

Sure you know well AA contacts. These contacts became fashionable so that the emergency services were able to easily locate on our mobile who to contact in case they had to attend to us and we were unconscious. They only had to access the phonebook, and locate the first contacts that would appear with AA. AA Mom, or AA Dad. Or something like that. However, with mobiles that have become our bank account, we have complex access options such as a PIN, a password, our fingerprint, or even the iris of our eye. Thus, these contacts are no longer useful. Or if?

Well, actually, yes, because we still have the possibility to configure an emergency contact. In Settings, we can find within the section Lock screen, or in the section Security, a data that is Owner information, which we can configure to be seen even with the screen locked. This is where we can configure an AA emergency contact that the emergency services will be able to recognize at a first glance and that will make it possible to contact our families in a simple way.

Medical data or mobile recovery

Likewise, we can also use the section Owner information to talk about possible alegrías or other medical data that may be relevant, such as medicines that we are taking and that could generate adverse effects with a certain treatment. In case of being unconscious, this could also be key.

We even have the opportunity to write our phone number so that if we lose our mobile, and if someone finds our lost mobile and wants to return it to us, they know how they can get it.

As we have already said, this option is in Settings> Lock Screen / Security> Owner Information. And it is a native option in almost all Android mobiles since the version Android 4.4 KitKat.