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Alternatives to the photo gallery for your Android phone

One of the things that can give us the most anger and grief if we lose or steal our mobile is losing all our photos. It is one of our most precious assets that we keep on our mobile, that is why it is important to have a gallery where we can find them well ordered and provide us with functions that go beyond simple storage. That being said, check out these free apps to replace your conventional gallery!

Camera Roll – Gallery

Camera Roll - Gallery

This app is defined as simple and intuitive and it is. As soon as you open it, you will see several folders with your photos with one very neat interface. With it you can not only store photos, but you can also create hidden folders, easily share your images, create virtual albums and easily move them from one folder to another.

Official screenshots of the Camera Roll Photo Gallery app



If you are looking for a complete option, here you have it. With this app you can, in addition to saving all your photos, access other folders you have in Dropbox or Google Drive, make your photos take up less before sharing with other users, create secret folders to keep your privacy and also, you can easily play videos and GIFs. It is also Chromecast compatible, so if you want to launch your images on television, it will not cost you anything to do so. Another advantage is that you can see your photos organized in a calendar and edit them easily.

Official images of the Piktures application

A + Gallery

A + Gallery - Photos and Videos
A + Gallery - Photos and Videos

If what interests you the most is to be able to see the photos organized chronologically, with A + Galería you can do it in several ways. For days or for years. Do you want to see them organized on a map according to where they were made? You can too. Where and when are two parameters to find your photos, but you can also do it according to the image color. Also useful to have your photos from Dropbox or Facebook in one place.

Official images of the A + Gallery application

F-Stop Gallery

Having lots of photos is great, but finding them can sometimes be tricky. With F-Stop Gallery you can sort your photos with tags to make it easier for you to find them. If you are concerned about privacy, you can also password protect some photos and videos. You will also have at your disposal several themes to customize it to your liking.

Official presentation images of the F-Stop gallery