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Alto’s Odyssey, the sequel to Alto’s Adventure is here

The flame returns. Alto’s Adventure is one of those games that if you’ve ever played it, you can hardly have said you didn’t like it. It is logical, therefore, that the sequel to the game could be so highly relevant in a world in which mobile video games have become the present and the future of the industry. It will be called Alto’s Odyssey, and it promises many hours of adventure in a simple game, and with an unbeatable setting.

Alto’s Odyssey, the sequel to Alto’s Adventure

If there is something that characterizes Alto’s Adventure, it is the fact that it perfectly combines an environment that is difficult to improve, with a great soundtrack, and a very pleasant graphic aspect, with a very simple concept of video games. It is the classic in two dimensions in which our character must overcome obstacles in a game that has no end. We will simply have to overcome three missions in each round, and more will appear, which when overcome will allow us to unlock more characters and more characteristics for our protagonist. Alto’s Adventure is just a cool game.

But we can’t expect less from Alto’s Odyssey. From the same creators. With the same appearance. With the same flame. Alto’s Odyssey promises us more hours of adventure, more hours of a soundtrack that will invite us to relax and immerse ourselves in a game that will simply delight all users who try it.

All this, despite continuing to have that dynamic of the game that makes it so simple at the same time that it makes it so complex and that demands so much skill and mastery of the characters.

Alto’s Odyssey is coming next year. We can already say that it will be one of the games of the year, and we hope for a new setting, fleeing from the snow and snowboarding, and changing it for another more oriental setting. At the moment, we only have one image that shows us what is to come. The news comes shortly after learning that soon the creators of Alto’s Adventure could launch a game that also reminds us of a similar setting, but with a totally different game system, DISTANT.