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Army of Darkness Defense, resist the forces of the Necronomicon of the undead

And these are the real enemies in this title, the zombies that arrive in the form of an army and in the name of the Necronomicon that controls them. Your mission is, in this case, defend Lord Arthur’s castle of the stakes of these beings that, as you can see, is something that you cannot do alone and you need help. And, here, is where such recognizable characters come in, such as Duke Henry the Red or Wiseman. A classic of the horror genre transferred to the game on your Android device.

By the way, that all the “charm” of the film is perfectly brought to the game, since for example the soundtrack is the same that could be heard in the cinema and, in addition, some expressions of the characters are also present in Army of Darkness Defense. One more addition for fans.

The game is of good quality and a lot of fun

The invoice of the game is good, with acceptable graphics that are really nice, as well as the animations included. Obviously, it is not the title that offers the best 3D of those that exist for Android, but it fulfills perfectly. The soundtrack is very good as it is the same as the movie, and the sound effects fit perfectly with the right moments … even being very funny at times.

The typology of the game is to get from the undead, in order to be able to pass from level to levels stay alive when the attacks are over until you get back to the world you came from … the real one. For this, there are different weapons that you or your allies can use, such as bows, catapults, power saws… of everything. By the way, there are a large number of enemy models, which allows you not to get tired when playing Army of Darkness Defense.

The game can be obtained in this link from Google Play at no cost. The only requirements are to have Android 2.1 or higher and 43 MB of free space in the terminal. If so, are you ready to take down these hordes?