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Blendoku, how many colors are you able to differentiate?

If you like photography, art, painting, or even design, it is easy that you have had to familiarize yourself with a few concepts about color. And it would not be anything strange that for a time you have lived analyzing colors, posters, signs, etc. Well, if so, surely Blendoku it’s one of those games that you love. If you have not been one of those people who by profession has had to acquire knowledge about color, there is no problem either, because you can still try to show that your perception of color is still superior.

The game is puzzle type. In each of the levels we find a structure that we have to fill with different squares. Each of the available squares is a different color, and we have to create color progressions. For example, one of the initial levels is to go from white to black, placing different gray squares in order. The difficulty begins to be generated when instead of a straight line of squares we begin to find pyramids, squares of squares, rectangles, mixtures of different colors, etc. We will have to continue placing the colors in their corresponding places, but there will not only be two tones, or a single scale, but we will have to start mixing colors and know which color corresponds in each of the places.

Blendoku is a free video game that is available on Google Play and that comes standard with 525 levels. But also, we can buy more level packs, in case those 525 are still few. There are five categories, which vary in difficulty, and another five packs to buy that adapt to each of the difficulty levels. By the way, it is a video game that is also adapted to people with problems to differentiate certain colors. This option can be activated, which allows us in each of the levels to vary the colors until we find a scale that the person can distinguish.