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Boardtastic Skaterboarding 2, get to be the best “skater”

Jumps, pirouettes, balances… everything that is considered common in games in which skateboarding is the protagonist, are present in this title. Therefore, lovers of this way of “feeling” already have their ideal option in Boardtastic Skaterboarding 2, which is a title that will ensure that they spend a good number of hours entertaining with it.

This new title, which is the evolution of a first quality installment, offers as new and great attraction the possibility of playing in online mode against other users, so the possibilities increase as well as the fun. The clashes are based on the ranking of each player and you can try to choose anyone to see which of the two is the best when it comes to skateboarding.

An interesting detail of the game is that Profiles created with the previous version can be exported to Boardtastic Skaterboarding 2, so progress is not lost. In addition, the process is totally automatic since when installing the new delivery this is done without the need for complicated steps. Fast and easy.

Good graphics and very neat animations

Apart from the high quality of the game’s finish, the interesting challenges and the large number of movements that exist in reality when handling a skateboard, Boardtastic Skaterboarding 2 offers the following remarkable features:

  • Advanced 3D graphics and lots of animations
  • Gestures on the screen can be used to perform actions
  • Rotations and overturns are fully controllable
  • 15 types of skates in the beginning, that can be customized and improved
  • Different parks and skating areas
  • The clothes are configurable
  • There are a lot of improvements, wheels, tables, etc.

The game can be downloaded for free at this link from Google Play. The size of the file and the version of the operating system depend on the device, but it is recommended that it be used Android 2.3 or higher and that there is 50 MB free. In this way, using a skateboard on your terminal will be a breeze (another thing is that you master it).