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Discover 5 free games for Android that don’t need an Internet connection

As we have indicated, these titles have the particularity of cost absolutely nothing to download, which is also positive. Of course, the vast majority of them do offer purchases within the development itself that allow for faster progress, which is an option that can be used (or not, depending on your needs).

In addition, as you can see, we show options for all tastes since in the list of 5 free games for Android that we have selected there are titles of all kinds to get some of them to adapt to what you like.


This is a real-time military and management strategy game. It is based on making a village become an entire empire, something that many titles for Android offer and that is usually very popular. It is situated, like Knights Fight 2, in a medieval times In which they must discover a deposit of materials (such as minerals), build buildings and of course, have the appropriate army. In Townsmen there are many missions to perform and you can get here.

Android game TownsmenPlants vs. Zombies 2

This game saga is a classic (and could not be missing from the 5 free games for Android chosen) since there is even a “watch face” for smart watches. The fact is that with the plants that are being achieved, you have to defeat all the zombies that appear on the screen, that they go from right to left and that what you want is nothing more than to eat your brain. You have to advance in level and refine planting strategies since there are several types of Undead. Fun and with a certain level of puzzle, it is a really fun option and that users of all ages tend to like. Download link.

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

A “shooter” in which you have to perform 40 missions in which you have to be fast and precise when it comes to use the weapons you have (There is no shortage of revolvers, of course). Anyway, you have to flee from Arizona with the character you are using and, for this, you will have to pass all the tests that appear in which there are also horses. Good graphics, an open world game and continuous action is what this title offers. Can get here.

Puzzle Retreat

For lovers of puzzle games, we leave this option among the 5 free games for Android selected, where the sliding blocks are what should be used to solve the challenges that appear on the screen. With a certain air of sudoku, you have to use the correct order to go to the next level (there are sixty). The touch screen is important and the graphics are eye-catching and is ideal for those who like to think hard. Download link.

Android Game Puzzle RetreatAssassin’s Creed Pirates

As the last of the 5 free games for Android that we indicate, a high quality title. This development includes excellent graphics and a very striking soundtrack, and also belongs to one of the best known sagas in the world of video games. You must become a pirate and, in this way, participate in battles for which you must improve your boat and crew. There is action, exploration and dilemmas in the Caribbean Sea to find the treasure. Get it on the Play Store.