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Discover five of the best games that use Unreal Engine for Android

The titles that use the aforementioned Unreal Engine are those that allow a quality similar to that offered by video consoles not long ago and, in this way, the games that can be used in the games are becoming more and more attractive. mobile devices that use the Google operating system. If you want to know some of those that are already available and are really interesting in all their sections, we provide you with a list of those that we believe are five of the best you can find.

The dark knight: this is a title that has Batman as the protagonist, so it is very clear what to do: handle the bat man to end evil. We will meet all the classic villains of this superhero, such as the Joker, Two-Face or the Penguin. With heart-stopping graphics and an immersive story, this title is highly recommended and offers many hours of fun. It costs 5.99 euros and can be obtained in this link.

Horn: puts you in the shoes of an apprentice blacksmith who must get rid of the monsters that have invaded his village (and that are not what they seem). This title has a large dose of humor and, as Unreal Engine uses some of the most striking graphics. It is a graphic adventure in which the use of weapons is present and solving missions. It can be downloaded at this link and is priced at € 6.39.

Game HornReal Boxing: If you like boxing, this is definitely your game. You have to become the best fighter in history by knocking out all the rivals that are touching you in luck. Agile movements and good training is what you need to combine them with a successful use of the boxer you handle. Regarding the graphics, it must be said that even the scars can be seen. In addition, it has a multiplayer mode and a very interesting sound. Download it here for 0.99 euros.

Real Boxing GameNOVA 3: the objective of this game is as simple as it is important, since humanity must be saved using all the possible action so that civil wars in the future destroy everything known. Apart from the graphics with Unreal Engine, we must highlight a story with a lot of “substance” and the existence of all kinds of weapons, powers and vehicles. Like the previous title, it has a multiplayer mode. This development costs 5.99 euros and in this link can be achieved.

NOVA 3 gameDeath rally: a rally car game could not be missing, which thanks to Unreal Engine can be enjoyed to the fullest on Android terminals, since all kinds of details are present. There are races around the world, different types of perspectives to drive the vehicle you drive and, to win, you have to be as good a driver as a man of action, and everything is allowed in order to achieve the ultimate goal: to win. It is the only free game of those presented and this is the page in which it can be downloaded.

Game Death Rally

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