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Do you have Night Mode on your Android camera? How to use it!

The Night Mode, as its name suggests, is a mode designed to shoot photos at night and have better results, but we are sure that you have already imagined that, what you want to know is how to use it. Well, we start at the beginning and we tell you what it is.

First of all. How does a camera work?

To know what the night mode is, it would not be bad for us to delve a little into the operation of a camera. If you are curious to understand how it works 100% it is always good to know how a camera works. We will start by talking about two very basic things. The ISO and the shutter speed.

ISO is the sensitivity of the camera sensor, the higher the number is (100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 are usually the values ​​that most mobiles have), the more light enters the sensor, but the more noise the photo will have (it is unsightly grainy that seen in many night photos).

Shutter speed is the speed at which a camera’s shutter opens and closes. Normally we talk about the fractions of a second it takes to take the photo (1/1000, 1/500, etc). The lower this number (that is, the longer it takes to take the photo), the more light it captures and the more light enters. The problem? If these numbers are very low, it is possible that the photo will be shaky or blurred, and in this way, the focus may also be lost.

Concepts understood? Well, we continue.

Another thing that influences the capture of light is the size of the sensor, the larger (and of better quality), the more light it is able to capture without noise. A mid-size sensor in an interchangeable lens camera is about 23.5 x 15.6 mm approximately (referred to in the photograph as an APS-C size sensor). Meanwhile he sensor of a phone is a sensor of about 6.17mm x 4.55mm approximately (referred to as a 1 ″ / 2.3 sensor). That is, the sensor of a phone is much smaller, so it has less capacity to capture light in conditions where there is not so much.

Knowing all this, what exactly is night mode?

What is and how does night mode work?

We could get even more technical, but enough for today, let’s get to the point.

Night mode is nothing more than a mode in which the phone shoots multiple photos with different settings, so that the ISO does not rise so much and the photo does not look bad, he usually takes long exposure photos, photos for which a tripod is normally required, since otherwise they are not stable. But using stabilization try to fix the problem a bit. He also takes other photos that are not long exposure to keep it stable.

Of those four or five shots that the phone shoots, through Artificial Intelligence brings together the best of each photograph so that we can get information about the light of long exposures and the stability of those that are not (among many other things). So we can achieve these fantastic results.

Google Pixel Night Mode

As you can see, it has much more technology hidden within what a priori may seem, either by hardware or by software, and in this case the software does even more than the hardware.

Very good, but… How do I use the night mode?

Well, we already know perfectly how it works, but now we want to know how to use it. Well, we will tell you. The first thing of all, obviously, will be to open the camera app. Once opened we move through its modes until we come across the night mode. If you cannot find it, you may not have it, and this is beginning to be implemented and it is not in all phones, but manufacturers like Huawei with their P30 Pro, Samsung with its Galaxy S10 or Google itself with its Pixel 3 they already have it equipped.

If you’ve found it, you’re in luck. You can now take great photos in night scenes. To use it you will simply have to press the shutter button as you always do to take a photo, but be careful! Move as little as possible if you want the photo to turn out well! In this way we make sure that the photo comes out as smoothly as possible. For a few seconds you will be taking the picture, so we recommend that you take a breath … and get ready to shoot!

Google pixel night mode image result

After these seconds the AI ​​already does all the work when putting the photos together. Not bad right?

We recommend that you use this only when the conditions require it, if you do not use it you will be able to shoot faster and you will not have to worry so much, but if necessary, this can greatly improve your photo.

Has all this information been useful to you? Surely you are already a master of night mode!