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News, releases and analysis of Android applications. Learn about the best apps to download and get the most out of your mobile phone or tablet. In this section we will talk about the latest trends, applications that cannot be missing on your smartphone and others that are more unknown but no less important. You can also find information about the risks of installing unsigned software that is not validated by Google in its store.

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular applications when it comes to consumption of series content. And of course it has a large number of options, such as series and movies in 4K or HDR10, in addition to which we can add such as watching series with friends with Netflix Party. We tell you how to know if your phone is compatible with Netflix HDR and what advantages it brings.

free apps

There are amazing apps on the Play Store, that’s no mystery. Some of them are free, while others are paid, like almost everything. But the thing is that the Play Store, like any other store, whether for applications or not, has its discounts, and it may be that you find important bargains, and even free apps … How to discover them? We will tell you.

Play store new interface

The Play Store has a new interface, and as you know, here we are very fans of redesigns (as long as they are for the better, of course), and it seems that Google is determined to make changes to its apps, and at the moment they are not liking it enough . We show you how it is and how to install it.

secret chat telegram

It is no mystery that here we are very fans of Telegram because of its options, and always from time to time we like to explain some other functionality of how it works, to see if either you discover new things, or we convince you to give it an opportunity. And today we are going to talk about the secret chats.

play store policies

Google is serious about the policies of the Play Store, and tightens the nuts a bit so that developers and companies are more careful with what they publish in the Google store.

android tv remote control

Using your phone as a remote control when you are watching television is something really comfortable, since, even at home, we usually have our mobile phone more at hand than our television control. That is why we teach you how to use it for this purpose.

Chrome flags

Surfing the Internet is one of the things that many users do the most with our phone, so it is important that the experience is simple and pleasant. So if you use the browser we propose you some Google Chrome flags so that you have it to your liking.

Pokémon Masters

It seems that Pokémon is more alive than ever on mobile devices, and it is that after the success of Pokémon GO, It seemed that Pokémon would stay there, but it has not been like that, and it has not only been with an app or game, but with several of them.

OnePlus 6T Zen Mode

OnePlus, when launching its OnePlus 7 and his OnePlus 7 Pro They launched Zen mode, a mode that allows you to disconnect all phone networks except calls for twenty minutes without the ability to disable the mode. And it is already available for him OnePlus 6 and the OnePlus 6T.

Custom vibration pattern

We always say it, we and all fans of the operating system, the best asset that Android has is its customization. And that we will see now, customization, specifically how to add a custom vibration pattern for your contacts. Attentive or attentive, we will tell you.