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El Corte Inglés confirms the price of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Spain

The pool of prices of Samsung Galaxy S5 understood a very large number of responses. Since it was going to be the cheapest flagship that the company launched until it was going to be more expensive than all the other high-end smartphones on the market. Finally, we already know what its price will be, or at least the price at which El Corte Inglés will sell it, 699 euros.

The figures that were discussed at the time do not matter anymore. Operators, stores that already had it in reserve, and even smartphone prices abroad, which were very cheap when converted to euros, created a cloud of figures that did not allow us to clearly see what the price of the company’s smartphone would be. South Korean company. Surprisingly, or quite the opposite, the Samsung Galaxy S5 it will cost 699 euros in its most basic version. In other words, in the end it will have the same price as the Samsung Galaxy S4, who would have thought of it?

Neither the absence of news that is so much talked about, nor the rumors that they could have another flagship prepared for the second half of the year, have been a determining factor for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to have a cheaper price than that of its predecessor at launch. El Corte Inglés will have it on sale on April 11, although only in the black and white versions. The blue version will be available in the chain of stores on April 17.

For its part, the gold version will not be sold free in any store. Vodafone will be the company that will have this version exclusively, so all those users who want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 in its gold version will have to do so through the operator that ONO has just bought. We will have to wait to see if all offers include the signing of a stay, or if there is one that allows the user to pay for the mobile in a single initial installment.

Source: ADSL Zone