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Galaxy S I9000: we show you how to install Android Jelly Bean with the AOKP ROM

Well, at first it was focused on Google’s Nexus models, but now it has extended its “range of action” and has begun to be compatible – and widely used – among Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus models. And, since yesterday it offers an option that very few third-party ROMs allow: being able to install Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) on Galaxy S I9000 terminals thanks to version 2 -Build 2-of AOKP.

Next we are going to provide you with the necessary instructions to install this development on a phone of this type, but it is important to take into account the following aspects:

  • It is essential to carry out a backup terminal data for what may happen.
  • The steps provided are only valid for Samsung Galaxy S I900 phones.
  • ROM is not official, although it is based on the official AOSP development of Android 4.1.
  • It is important to clear the cache of the phone, this is done when entering Recovery (recovery) mode.
  • Samsung Kies won’t recognize the phone if this ROM is installed.
  • The steps in the guide are for reference only, so it is the users themselves who bear the risk of the upgrade.

Steps to follow to install Jelly Bean in a Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Step 1: Check that you meet these requirements: you have installed the suitable USB drivers for Galaxy S I9000 (without not, you can get them in this link); set the phone to debugging mode before connecting it to the computer; the battery must be at least to 85% of its capacity; the terminal must be rooted (released) and ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery installed.

Step 2: Download the ROM in this link and Google applications in this other.

Step 3: Connect the phone to the computer and check that it is installed as a storage device.

Step 4: Copy the downloaded ROM and Google applications in step 2 to the Root folder of the phone’s SD card.

Step 5: Disconnect the phone from the computer and turn it off.

Step 6: Start the terminal in Recovery mode performing this sequence of keystrokes: press and hold the Volume +, Home and Power buttons.

Step 7: Already within the Recovery mode selection Full data wipe , and then select Flash zip from SD card. To do this, press the Power button to select it.

Step 8: Use the Volume buttons to select ROM that you have downloaded and confirm the installation by pressing the Power button.

Step 9: Repeat the same operation to install Google applications.

Step 10: Now select Go back and restart the terminal using the option named Reboot system now. And you will have Jelly Bean on your phone, yes, the restart will take about five minutes, be patient.