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Genshin Impact update 1.2, with new areas and characters

It is undoubtedly one of the great triumphs of this 2020 in the sector, especially in the free to play scene. However, it was seen to lack freshness to an excellent base that already required some changes to introduce large doses of content and thus renew the title. All this is solved with the new update, which we are going to detail below with hair and signs.

‘The Prince of Limestone and the dragon’, the new from Genshin Impact

In a great effort by miHoYo to fellowship with its community, we started with compensation for updating the server and fixing bugs; at a rate of 60 Protogems per hour in the first case. Total, 600 Protogems available to everyone (300 + 300) from now on. These updates require downtime between deployment and file downloads, so the detail is welcome.

In short, everything that this patch includes is very sweet stuff to enjoy in the Genshin Impact universe. Everything is dedicated to the gameplay section, since new weapon characters and a new area to investigate are included in the already extensive map of the game, where you can also get resonance rocks. Going deeper into this last element, called Dragonwing, is the most remarkable novelty of this version 1.2 of Genshin Impact. This new area joins the world of Teyvat, where “travelers can put their adventurer skills to the test in freezing weather. With new puzzles, missions and a new gameplay ”.

And pay attention to that icy climate since, among these novelties, comes the Extreme cold. That is, according to myHoYo, when the character is in the glacial climate of Dragonwing, he will accumulate Extreme Cold. Upon reaching the Extreme Cold limit, your Life will gradually decrease, as will snowfall or swimming. Therefore, elements such as bonfires, torches and all objects that emit heat will be able to reduce said accumulation of that extreme Cold.

More news in update 1.2

A new system is also incorporated, the Cold Eternal Tree. If we offer you scarlet agates scattered around Espinadragón we will obtain their recognition. To get those scarlet agates it will be necessary to raise our offering level in the Cold Eternal Tree; This way we will obtain Encounters of Fate, Intertwined Destinations, Gliders, Blackberry, Weapon EXP, Character EXP, Talent Enhancement Materials, Plans to make gadgets, among other rewards.

As a new character, we have Albedo, “The Prince of Limestone Rock”, a five-star character of the Geo type. Since the release of version 1.2 until 12/01/2021 15:59:59, the probability that Albedo will come out is much higher to get hold of him and add him to our collection. His elemental ability is Abiogenesis, which can create a solar isotome field that will deal Geo damage to enemies.

update 1.2 genshin impact albedo

And finally, as it cannot be otherwise, Genshin Impact update patch 1.2 includes an event. This is a new domain, the Vindagnyr Peak. As is usual in miHoYo, he usually attributes a lore and a plot context to each event that they introduce, as part of his orientation to tell a story. If we complete all the challenges of the domain we will take Winter Wanderer, Heart of the Depths and other artifacts.