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Google Hangouts: App of the day – How to install it? [Cambios importantes en la sección]

Changes in the App of the day

Starting tomorrow, the app of the day will no longer be a free app. The App of the day will be a paid application that becomes free only during that day. There are several systems that offer free apps every day. Well, we will find the best of all, and we will tell you here what it is about. Don’t forget to visit us every day. The first post in the morning will be the free App of the day.

How to install Google Hangouts

We return to Google Hangouts. Yesterday we told you what it was about, but if you can’t install it, it makes little sense. First of all, it must be said that Google’s system for updating to Hangouts is disastrous. If you are Root it will be much easier to install Hangouts. There are currently two methods that allow us to achieve this.

If you are Root

If you have Root, do not hesitate, the easiest thing is to find the Google Talk application in the system folders and delete it. Once this is done, we only have to access the link that we leave at the end of the post, the one on Google Play, so that you can download the app again and install it. You must choose to use an application that allows you to uninstall applications with Root permissions. A suggestion of an application that is also free is Root Uninstaller. You just have to install the latter, run it, search for Google Talk and uninstall the Mountain View application.

If you are not Root

Those of you who are not Root have it more complicated, since the method may not work. First of all, try to access the link that you have at the end with the link to Google Play, from your computer, and install the application on your smartphone from your PC. You just have to press Install and select the terminal. Of course, you will have to do it from the same account that you use on Android. It is possible that you have installed it and it still does not work, or it is also possible that it tells you that it is already installed because it detects Google Talk. The latter happens to me. In this case, without Root, you only have one option.

We will have to try to reinstall the application, even if the smartphone thinks it is already installed. To do this, you have to download Google Hangouts on your smartphone. The only way to get the application is for another user who already has it installed to share it. That’s what we are for, obviously. At the end of the post you will find two links, one that goes to Google Play, and the other that goes to Download. It is the second one that you have to use if you want to use Google Hangouts in your terminal. Take the following steps:

  1. You download Google Hangouts with the Download link at the end of the post. If you do it from the smartphone better, and if not, you will have to send it to it from the computer.
  2. You activate the installation of applications from Unknown Sources. This option allows you to install applications that do not come from Google Play. To do this, go to Settings> Unknown Origins (make sure this option is checked).
  3. You install Google Hangouts from the .apk file that you have downloaded.

Google Play – Google Hangouts

Download – Google Hangouts