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How to activate Fortnite crossplay on Android with other platforms

Fortnite is a battle royale game that has crossed borders. It has surpassed one of the first titles that bet heavily on this genre, such as PUBG, with fresh and innovative ideas. One of those implementations is the crossplay in Fortnite, or cross game in Spanish. However, Fortnite has just officially landed on the Play Store, and still many players are wondering if it is possible. activate that crossover game.

The bulk of players are still on other platforms such as Switch, Xbox, PlayStation or PC, due to their greater roots in the game or due to better playability in these versions. Still, the fast accessibility provided by this mobile version opens a new door to more players in battle royale.

Can you play with other platforms in Fortnite?

The truth is that as soon as the mobile launch was made official, one of the news that accompanied said premiere is that crossplay was already enabled to play games with other platforms. From the beginning you can activate this function, which in fact remains active automatically since we install the game on our terminal.

As we mentioned before, the niche of mobile players is scarce to create 100-player games in a more or less efficient way. Even more so if we take into account that the Epic Games servers are divided by regions. For this reason, it is necessary to create synergies with the rest of the video consoles, although it has generated the discontent of many players due to the disadvantage when it comes to handling the controls in shooting and in construction.

Activate crossplay and play with friends in Fortnite

Although it is an automatic activation, we must take into account some aspects to play with other platforms. First of all, and unlike logging in with the Google account as we normally do, we have to register with an Epic Games account. If we were already playing on another platform, we linked that account to Epic Games.

crossplay fortnite add friends

To find friends to play with in Fortnite, we have two options. Before starting the game and clicking the «Play» button, we have an option below called «Friends list». From here we can talk to our friends about the Android version, even send them notifications that we are connected. If they play on other platforms, from the main menu we can join a game simply with a request, as is done on consoles, having an immediate voice chat activated with the rest of the members in the group.