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How to add more fingerprints to unlock your Android

Add more footprints to improve usability

Normally, when we launch a new smartphone that includes a fingerprint sensor, it gives us the option to add our own when we are making the first configuration. However, You don’t have to settle for just one, and there is an option to add more footprints.

The process is very simple. Go to General adjustments from your phone and go to section Security. You will see that there is a section called Fingerprint. Press it, enter your pattern or your security PIN and you will be where you need to be.

You will see that there is already a registered fingerprint if you did it the first time you set up the phone. Basically it will be called Finger 1, but you can click on it and change the name to, for example, Left Index.

Under the already registered tracks we have the option Add fingerprint, which is the one that interests us. Press and you a screen will appear prompting you to swipe a new finger over the sensor fingerprint of your device. Do this by making sure to register various parts of your finger and the process will be complete. When you’re done, you’ll return to the previous screen, where you will see how the fingerprint has been addedl Finger 2.

Fingerprint main menu on Android

On the left, a single footprint. On the right, two.

More fingers, more possibilities

One of the main advantages of using this option is being able to unlock our smartphone with both hands. If we are right-handed, our instinct will be to use the right hand, and vice versa if we are left-handed. But sometimes we are forced to take our mobile phones with the opposite hand, so we will make life easier simply by inserting another finger.

This is how a fingerprint sensor works

It may also be the case that you want share your device with another person. Beyond teaching your security pattern, you can enter your fingerprints to speed up any process that requires your phone. This is useful both in the workplace and personally.

Combining this with a good access code, we can make sure that our terminal is only used by the people we love. In the face of new options such as face scanning, fingerprints are still the predominant method of security, so it is necessary to know how to get the most out of it.