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How to add two more or more languages ​​on the Gboard keyboard

Languages ​​in Gboard

Keyboard languages ​​are key. For some, the language of the keyboard may not matter if they think that the only thing that will change is whether or not the letter Ñ is added to the letters that we have available. But really it’s not so. A mobile keyboard is not like a computer keyboard. Even in the latter case, word autocorrect is useful. But even more so on mobile, where it is easier not to write a letter, or not to use accents, and we require automatic self-correction so that writing is simple, fast and correct at the same time. For auto-correction we require word dictionaries. And this is where the problem usually comes from. Why? Because if we have Spanish activated and we say “Hello” or “Ciao” in Italian, the keyboard will try to change it to a word in Spanish that looks like the one we have written. If, in addition to this, we have gesture writing, it will be even more complex.

The good thing is that in Gboard various languages ​​can be activated. And not to change between them, but rather We can activate them at the same time and use dictionaries and autocorrect at the same time. Actually the process is simple. The keyboard will intuit whether we want to write “Hello” or if we want to write “Hello” and it will take this into account. Apart from this, the keyboards learn the words that we use the most to self-correct and suggest the words that it thinks we want to write. But how do we activate multiple languages?

Activating multiple languages

The funny thing is that to activate several languages ​​we cannot use the default configuration of Gboard, because with this the keyboard language will be the language we have selected for our mobile, and it will be a unique one. So, we have to locate the Gboard app in the list of applications, and among the options the first will be Languages. We deselect the default language option of the system, and we just have to activate all the languages ​​we want to use: Spanish, English, Spanish (Mexico), whatever we want.

In this way, the keyboard will be able to understand us when we want to use words from those languages, and it will be able to auto-correct and complete the words accurately.