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How to create a video curriculum with your Android mobile

Create a simple video curriculum with Android thanks to this application

Video curriculum Plena Inclusión Madrid is an application that allows you to create a simple video curriculum simply by using your Android phone. The program will guide you step by step through its different options, allowing you to unfold your work experience and all your skills in an attractive way.

Have various settings that allow you to choose if you want to add subtitles, how much recording time you want to use, use the help through voice instructions or simply use a countdown before starting to record. It also has a video archive to be able to produce different versions of your video curriculum.

Once you have finished creating the video curriculum, you will have the option to share it through social networks. In this way, you will have created a simple video curriculum in a few minutes without using anything other than your Android phone.

An application of Plena Inclusión Madrid

This application has been created by Full Inclusion Madrid, an organization dedicated to the integration of people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace. As they say in the file of the application itself, “The process has been adapted to facilitate its handling by people with intellectual disabilities.” This explains the simplicity of the method and the clear and direct design of the interface that the application has.

Despite being aimed at people with intellectual disabilities, this application it is very useful for all types of person. The job market is very competitive and you have to find ways to stand out in a mountain of very similar resumes.

Video curriculum Plena Inclusión MadridA video resume is a good way to get noticed when it comes to getting a work experience, in addition to being able to demonstrate skills when communicating that are not put on paper.

It is also an alternative to job search apps like Google’s, or the usual LinkedIn profile. This way of making a simple video resume is accessible and very useful no matter who you are. If you want to download Video curriculum Plena Inclusión Madrid, is now available in the Play Store. You can access through the following button:

Video curriculum Plena Inclusión Madrid
Video curriculum Plena Inclusión Madrid