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How to create hiking trails and go hiking

Ideal for planning trips of all kinds, Google Maps is the same for studying the next vacation or simply preparing a plan with friends for the weekend. How about a hiking trail? Whether on foot or by bike, there is an application called Google My Maps for Android that allows us to use the potential of Maps and customize it, although we will discuss that a little further below.

Google Maps - Navigation and public transport

How to request changes to hiking trails

Google Maps allows us to search for key terms in the open air such as “hiking trails”, “trekking“Or” nearby parks “to find nearby hikes. For most hiking trails, you will be able to find ratings, reviews, and photos from other hikers. Some may also have helpful details such as business hours and phone numbers, as well as the ability to use the »Lists» feature on Google Maps to view selected recommendations.

hiking trails google maps

You can also search for specific words to quickly rank reviews and get a better idea of ​​the place. If you want to get an idea of ​​what most people are talking about, you can see a list of popular keywords in reviews, from plantations like “poison ivy” to places or times like “parking lot” and “sunset.”

On the other hand, some trails may not have traditional signage and can be difficult to find. If you know where the beginning of an unmarked (or poorly marked) trail is, you can confirm that the pin locations are in the appropriate place. To do this, open the Google Maps application and navigate to the place. Then touch «Suggest an edit»To update information about the hiking area.

How to create a hiking route on Google Maps

We can create maps or modify those that have been created on the Web or with another device, search for places and save them on said map, add a point to your current location or any other place in the world, and even get directions and navigate to any saved site of your map. To do this, and after installing the app and opening it:

  1. Touch »Add icon»And assign a name and description to the map. A map can have up to 10,000 lines, shapes, or sites.
  2. In the lower right corner, touch »Add»> »Add a new point», and choose the area, terrain, place where you want to develop the activity. create routes google my maps
  3. Drag the map until the X is where you want it, then touch »Select» this location.
  4. Give the site a name and choose a layer. A layer can have 2000 lines, shapes, or places. When you have it chosen, accept.
Google My Maps
Google My Maps

Customize hiking routes once created

With this you will already have a planned route in the chosen scenario. Yes, besides you want to customize it, you can draw a line so that no one gets lost during the tour. To do this, having the created map open in the app:

  1. Touch »Add»> »Add another line».
  2. Drag the map until the X is in the desired location, then touch »Add».
  3. Repeat this action until you have drawn the line and, after finishing, touch ‘Done’. To go back one step, tap »Backspace».
  4. Name the line and select a layer. Accept and you will have it ready.
  5. Once you have the map created and personalized, the app allows you to share it with a friend.