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How to create potions faster in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

In its content, we are going to find several types of potions, each with a specific function. If we unlock them and start improving them, they will make our lives easier. So today, we are going to show all the existing potions and their mission in the game, even some trick to create them more quickly.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

All the potions we can create in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Peace of mind, not by having the game already installed can we create potions like crazy. It is necessary to pass the tutorial from the beginning and keep playing until you reach level 4, at which point we are already enabled to obtain these elements. At this point, it is time to learn each and every one of them.

Baruffio Brain Elixir

This potion will grant us extra wizard experience in each stroke, especially it will be great for us to perform magical challenges in Fortresses. The ingredients to use are 2 Jumping Mushrooms, 2 Frog Brains, 3 Runespoor Eggs and 3 Crushed Dragon Claws. The waiting time will be longer, since it takes 12 hours to be done, but if we use a Master Note, we can reduce the time of the first potion we make, within the 4 that can be made at the same time.

How do you get it? We go to the broth of the potion and with our finger, we draw the drawing indicated by the game. To reduce the cooking time, we must make a clockwise circle in the broth, a pinch inwards, slide two times to the right, pinch out and shake the mobile. With this we will get a reduction of 1 hour and 48 minutes, and although the process may be somewhat complex, it will be enough to do it only once.

Healing Potion

As its name suggests, it regenerates the life that we have lost during combat, in strokes or in challenges. With her, we can recover up to 35% of our total stamina capacity. The ingredients that go into this mix are 1 Wormwood, 1 Bubotuber, 1 Dictamo and 1 Dragon’s Liver.

Like the previous one, its preparation is 12 hours, being able to reduce it 18 minutes. The Master Note to shorten the time is achieved if we pinch the screen outwards, circle clockwise, short press on the screen and pinch inwards.

Boost Potion

He is able to improve our spells both in combat and in the strokes. In other words, it makes us more precise or more effective in damage. The ingredients we need are 1 Bitter Root, 1 Uro’s Blood, 1 Snowdrop, and 1 Granian’s Hair.

In this case, we swipe up twice and finally we draw a circle in a clockwise direction. With this, we will be able to reduce the time of the first potion to 9 minutes, so that would be 51 minutes remaining to make the mixture.

Strong Boost Potion

Unlike the previous ones, This is unlocked by obtaining level 10 in the game. The function in both combat and strokes is identical to its younger sister, but with more powerful effects. To create it, we will need 1 Snowdrop, 2 Uro’s Blood and 1 Abraxan’s Hair.

All this so that it is made in just 2 hours, and to reduce that time, we must slide upwards twice, a circle in an anti-clockwise direction and a new circle in the same sense of clockwise. That Master Note will give us 18 minutes of discount.

Potion of Powerful Boost

Even though it is unlocked at level 9, one less than the previous potion, further enhances spell performance both in combat and ratros. The number of ingredients increases a little more than the Strong Stimulus, having to use 3 Bitter Root, 4 Snowdrops, 3 Uro Bloods and 2 Abraxan Hair.

Its elaboration time is 6 hours, but of which 54 minutes can be reduced if we use the following Master Note: slide to the right, twice up, circle counter-clockwise, another turn in the same direction clockwise and counterclockwise again.

Invigorating Potion

It is unlocked from level 8, and will allow us develop strategic spells in magic challenges. The ingredients that we must use are: Honey Juice, Vervaine Infusion, 1 Herb Pasture and 2 Lovage. This whole process will take 12 hours to finish, and if we use the Master Note by sliding to the right, twice up and pinching out, it will give us 1 hour and 48 minutes of advantage.

Strong Invigorating Potion

We can unlock it from level 13, and it notably reinforces strategic spells and magical challenges. The ingredients are 1 Honey Water, 1 Vervaine Infusion, 1 Coclearia, and 1 Achilea Ptarmica. All this mixture will remain for 2 hours in the broth, which can become 1 hour and 42 minutes if we slide to the right, then we do the same but three times up, and two pinches out.

Wandering Potion

Power our strokes reducing the possibility that the creatures that we meet, flee. It is also unlocked at level 10, and to get it we will need 2 Valerian Roots, 2 Soporific Beans, 1 Butterscotch and 1 Hermit Crab Shell.

It will be another 6 hours that we will have to wait for it to be done, although it could be 54 minutes less if we start the corresponding Master Note: we shake the smartphone, we draw a clockwise circle, two turns counterclockwise and pinch inward.

Sharpening Potion of Ingenuity

The most difficult to achieve in terms of level, since it will be necessary to reach number 15 to get it. Serves to increase the effectiveness of spell challenges against enemy masters. We will need 1 Ginger Root, 1 Salamándrido spleen, 1 Earth Beetle and 1 Armadillo Bile, with a 2 hour elaboration.

It can be reduced if we apply the following Master Note: I pinch the screen out, swipe up three times and press with several taps.