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How to create your own icon pack on Android

For multiple reasons, two being the ones that stand out above the rest. The first is that, with all the offer we have available, a large amount of it does not convince us or we simply have a creative idea that we want to put at the service of all users through an app, although this will require some knowledge about programming.

How to create your own icon pack

Practically the existing method is the only one that gives good results when installing them in the smarpthone, with app download through. That program that we are going to use is called Icon Pack StudioIt will be the tool to create all the icon packs that we want, and that comes from the creators of SmartLauncher, so it is a very important support behind this app.

Its operation is very simple, since just when entering it we can create our personalized icon immediately. We recommend leaving that menu as soon as possible, since it is a fast editor that does not have all the options that the app actually includes. We go to the “+” sign, where all the customization options will appear.

Icon Pack Studio
Icon Pack Studio

We can modify aspects such as the border, the shape it will have, choose the design of the logo, move its position and adjust its size, among others. A curious aspect is that in the color of the icon, it is possible to choose if we want the apps to carry the same colors, or that changes depending on what. That is, we can order the app to customize the colors of Instagram to purple, Spotify to green, etc. To do this, in the “Fill” section, click on “App colors” in the drop-down menu.icon pack studio preview icon pack

Once the design has been decided, click on the eye that is located in the upper right corner, which will take us to the preview to see how our creation has been. If we are satisfied, we save and give that pack a name, but it will not yet be installed on the smartphone. We wait until a notification of the app appears, click on it and then “Install”. Now, that new icon pack will be implemented in the terminal, but we may run into a problem.

How to adapt the new pack to all launchers

And this app has a small limitation, since being the creators of SmartLauncher, it is only compatible with its developments and with Nova Launcher, there is no more. For the rest of the launchers, this design change will not be applied to the icons. Fortunately, there is a solution to alleviate this problem.


Thanks to the Adapticons app, We can apply what we have created in any launcher, regardless of the developer, or if we want to apply it to the customization layer that we have by default on the mobile. It really is a program that can also be used to create custom packages, but runs an editor somewhat more precarious than the previous app, so its strong point is that we can load that pack that we have designed, import it into Adapticons and automatically apply it to any launcher.adapticons create icon pack

To do this, we add an Adapticons widget, click and choose the app that we are going to change the design of. Once we enter the edit menu, it is important to select the option «Original form», before going to the section «Change icon» which is a little further down the menu. A floating window will appear, where we will click on “Import icon” to load the design we have created. So with all the apps that we want to modify. Anyway, we recommend using Nova Launcher for a better implementation of the icons.