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How to download the Pixel Launcher from the Pixel 3 before its launch

It has been leaked to your launcher: there are no secrets to reveal of the Google Pixel 3

To say that everything from the next Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL has been leaked is almost up to everything. The devices have been photographed from all angles, all their characteristics have been filtered, several of their functions and special tricks are known … The truth is that we are facing what will be one of the most difficult launches for Google, unless some are saved real surprise up your sleeve, something that seems unlikely.

Among the leaked things is the new Pixel Launcher. And how does this differ from what could be seen on the Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2? Basically, the Google Assistant is given more relevance, offering it a dedicated button in the search bar, which maintains its position at the bottom. In this way, the old microphone button is replaced by one that more clearly indicates what is activated.

This new launcher has not only been leaked in press renders, but has also been officially tested in Android Studio. This has allowed trying to extract the launcher for use on other devices. And what are the limitations? The first is that you have to be using Android 8 Oreo or Android 9 Pie, it will not work in previous versions. The second limitation is that it will not work on Pixel phones, as the build it has the same name and cannot be “reinstalled”.

How to download the Pixel Launcher from the Pixel 3 before its launch

And how can you download the Pixel Launcher from the Pixel 3 before its launch? At the end of this article you have a link to Android File Host from which you can download the apk file. Transfer it to your mobile and install it like any other application. Open it once installed, or go to the Application Settings, and select it as your launcher default. Once this is done, it would be ready. If you also use the wallpapers of the Pixel 3, you will have an experience very similar to the one that will be presented on October 9 with the official launch of two devices that we already know, basically, everything.

Download the Pixel 3 launcher from Android File Host