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How to find and farm Star Conch

We are going to know more about this element, its characteristics, several of its locations and how to get it or farm it. In addition, we will explain the utility to which this Star Conch can be used. An object that will help us improve our fighters.

What is Star Shell and where to get it

One of the elements that we can find on the map as a novelty, and that has a main use to improve characters, are the calls star shells, and if you know how to search in the right place on the map, you can get dozens and dozens of them.

One of the last characters added after the last update of Genshin Impact is Childe, and it requires these star shells to upgrade it to the maximum level. And it is that the Star Shells are one of the update materials that we can collect during the games of Genshin Impact, an object similar to a conch shell of all life and that, as you can imagine, is found in the coastal area, but not on the entire coast of the map.

Star Snails are mainly found on the beaches of the Liyue de Teyvat region, the southern part of the map below Mondstadt. Naturally, the resource is only present on beaches and near wetlands. As you already know, there are many bodies of water to explore in Genshin Impact, so there is no shortage of Star Conch. If you know how to visit the right islands or coasts, you will be able to get more than 50 star shells every 48 hours, since once collected they will take time to reappear.

There is one area where they are most dense, and that is the area of ​​the Yaoguang Bank and the Guyun Stone Forest. The Yaoguang Banks area is directly below Mingyun Village, while the Guyun Stone Forest is the island group on the east coast of Liyue.

Now thanks to this interactive map, we know the exact location of all the star shells that are currently included in Genshin Impact, so you simply visit these areas marked on the map to collect them. You can repeat the process over and over again as long as you let about 48 hours pass.

Yaoguang Shoal and Guyun Stone Forest

This is where the Star Conch is found in Genshin Impact on the bank of Yaoguang and the Guyun Stone Forest. The above three areas are the best places to farm Star Shells. You can run along the coast at the Yaoguang bank, and then along the coast at the Qiongji estuary. Teleport to the Guyun Stone Forest, and you will be able to collect some crystal shards while cultivating your Star Conch.

This item respawns every other day, so you can do the farm route several times a week. They are easy to collect, and you can collect other materials like Cor Lapis. You may find this Genshin Impact Character Ascension and Level-up Materials sheet of ascension and leveling materials useful to see what other resources you may need for your character.

What are the Star Conch for Genshin Impact?

Star Shells are a required upgrade material for the Childe character, but we consider that they will have new features in an upcoming update. Once you have the Star Shells you can improve this character up to the limit of 90 by selecting it on the character screen, and clicking on the ascension button that is located in the lower right corner.

genshin impact star conch

Regardless of whether or not you are interested in leveling up this character, we strongly recommend that you collect all the star shells that you can during your games, since in just 10 minutes you will be able to obtain the ones you have shown on the previous map since they are easily visible . In the future they could have a greater use. Now you know how to get Star Shells in Genshin Impact, pointing out the place where they appear exactly.

List of other Ascension Materials

The funny thing is that it is not a unique element of its kind, since Star Shell is classified as an Ascension Material. Within this category, there are as many elements that make up an infinite list that we are going to list below.

Briefly, we will say that these Ascension Materials are quite rare, which translates into a difficult search for them. In addition, each one is used for a group of characters determined according to its element (Electro, Pyro, Cryo, Anemo, Geo or Hydro) and they have the same common denominator: improve and level up the fighters.

  • Eternal Fire Seed
  • Bit of Agate Agnidus
  • Agate Agnidus Fragment
  • Chunk of Agate Agnidus
  • Agate Agnidus
  • Purifying Heart
  • Little piece of Lazurita Varunada
  • Lazurita Varunada Fragment
  • Piece of Lazurita Varunada
  • Lazurita Varunada
  • Lightning Prism
  • Bit of Vairada Amethyst
  • Shard Amethyst Shard
  • Shaved Amethyst Chunk
  • Vairada Amethyst
  • Frost Core
  • Piece of Jade Shivada
  • Jade Shivada Fragment
  • Jade Shivada Chunk
  • Jade shivada
  • Basalt Pillar
  • Piece of Prithiva Topaz
  • Prithiva Topaz Fragment
  • Chunk of Prithiva Topaz
  • Prithiva Topaz
  • Hurricane Prism
  • Little Piece of Turquoise Go
  • Shard of Turquoise Vayuda
  • Piece of Turquoise Vayuda
  • Turquoise Vayuda
  • Flying Daisy
  • Lucetta
  • Calla lily
  • Chingxin Flower
  • Crystal Tinkerbell
  • Silk flower
  • Crystal Lily
  • Cecilia
  • Filanemo mushroom
  • Jueyun Chile
  • Wolf Hook
  • Valbaya
  • Nocticulous Jade
  • Cor lapis
  • Star Conch
  • Dandelion Seed
  • Megaflora nectar
  • Brilliant Nectar
  • Energetic Nectar
  • Slime Condensate
  • Slime slime
  • Slime Essence
  • Damaged Mask
  • Dirty Mask
  • Menacing Mask
  • Guide Scroll
  • Enchanted Scroll
  • Cursed Scroll
  • Robust Arrow
  • Sharp Arrow
  • Veteran Arrow
  • Rookie Raven Badge
  • Silver Raven Insignia
  • Golden Crow Insignia
  • Recruit’s Badge
  • Sergeant’s Badge
  • Officer Badge