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How to go back to a previous version of an application on Android

We have recently seen how the Gmail application has considerably changed its interface. This improvement in the application has not been for many, so going back to how it was before is a very juicy option. It is not uncommon for users to prefer an older version of a particular application. That is why today we teach you to do it easily.

Update your applications step by step

Since Google Play only allows installing new versions and not going back to the old ones, we will have to take a different path. The first thing you have to do is check that your mobile has the option activated to download applications from other sources. If you have never downloaded applications outside of Google Play, you will most likely have to activate this option. Go to your Settings – Advanced settings – Security and activate the option “Apps of unknown origin”.

Once this is done, you will be able to download any application that does not come from the Google Play Store. However, the official Google store can play against us If we have the option for which the apps are updated automatically activated. We will have to deactivate it from Google Play. Open your app and click on the three lines that you have in the upper left. Find the Settings section – Automatically update apps and disable it. Take a look at these photos if you need it.

Screenshots of how to enable or disable automatic update of apps on Google Play

With this setting we can now download apps outside Google Play without it updating them automatically. So Where can we find previous versions of the applications? The most reliable and popular website to find them is APK Mirror.

Screenshot of APK Mirror web

On this website, which you can easily access from your mobile browser, you will find both beta versions of apps that have not yet been launched on Google Play, as well as previous versions of them. As you well know, the applications, after installing them, go accumulating data that we should not lose. If we uninstall an application, we lose all the data that went with it. Therefore, before moving on to the next step, we are going to teach you how to save this data in the cloud.

Go to Settings from your phone, then to Advanced Settings – Backup / Reset – Data Backup. Activate the option that appears to be able to have a copy of that information that is linked to the applications. It is possible that in other versions of Android, you will find this option in Settings – Cloud and accounts – Google – Synchronize application data.

Screenshots of how to backup application data

Once this is done, we can download a previous version of the applications we want. If we want to replace an application with the same one in the previous version, we will have to uninstall it first, that is why the backup of the application data is important.

We just have to look for the application that interests us in APK Mirror and look at the version number it has. Once the version we want is located, we enter it and look for the download button. It will be stored in our download folder. Then we will only have to click on the file to install it.

Screenshot of how to download apps from APK Mirror

If the application you are trying to install is a system app, you will have a bit more difficulty, since to delete an application that comes with the phone you will have to follow additional steps. We tell you here.