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How to increase font size on Android phones

Changing the font size on your phone won’t take long. First of all, you should know that not only will the font size of your mobile menus change, but the texts of your messages, applications, the browser, etc. will also change. If you have problems reading correctly on your phone screen, we recommend you follow the steps below.

Open the app settings from your smartphone. There, find and click on the option screen and then on “font size”. Here you will see the available size options that the phone gives you. From a size you consider small to an extra large one. To choose the one that best suits your preferences, you can take as a reference the size that appears in the menu. To get a more realistic idea of ​​the size to which you are changing the letter, you can always try to open other applications like WhatsApp Or email. You will see that the font size affects practically all the texts that are displayed on your mobile: in the browser, in widgets, in menus, in chats, etc.

Change the text contrast

If even increasing the font size of your phone it’s hard for you to read, you can try another tuco. Also in the settings of your phone there is an option to increase the contrast of the text. This will give a greater definition to the contours of the letters, highlighting more on the background color and improving visibility. To activate it you will only have to go to Settings – Accessibility – High contrast text. You will automatically notice the change on your screen.

Screenshots to increase the contrast of the phone text

It can be annoying that all the text on your phone is the same size. However, some applications such as Twitter, which previously allowed to change the size of the text only in their application, have now stopped doing so. If after these tricks, you still have trouble seeing on your phone, you can resort to one last option.

Change your screen size

You may also want to enlarge other elements of your screen, not just the text. Therefore, you can enlarge or reduce them from settings. There you should look for the option “Screen content size”. You can select the size to your liking and you will see a preview of the result.

Screenshots of the screen content size function