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How to install extensions for Android

Mozilla Firefox is always considered a great alternative to Google Chrome for being more than just a browser. However, the Google browser is gradually gaining ground with very interesting functions and tools that not even Chrome has. We talk about Mozilla Firefox extensions that we can install in the Android version.

Despite being a fairly mature browser on Windows, its arrival on devices was not in the best possible way, so it has had to make up lost ground in this time. However, this web browser does not stop receiving updates to improve its usability. Among those updates is the opportunity to install extensions in the Android edition, some of which Google Chrome does not have.

Firefox: fast, private and secure web browser

What extensions are available in Mozilla Firefox

These extensions They are the same as those found in Firefox for PC, with the main difference that here the quantity is limited, and only those that are approved by Mozilla will appear. The initial list is:

  • uBlock Origin: One of the best ad blockers, very efficient in the consumption of resources.
  • Dark Reader: Apply dark mode to any web page by customizing between various reading tones.
  • HTTPS Everywhere: Enable https connection on any website you visit.
  • Privacy Badger: Block invisible trackers.
  • NoScript: Script blocking on untrusted pages.
  • Decentraleyes: Protection against centralized traces.
  • Search by Image: Reverse image search engine compatible with Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and TinEye.
  • YouTube High Definition: It automatically plays YouTube videos in HD and offers various other tools.
  • Privacy Possum: An engine that hides and offers false information to the trackers who take our data.

How to install Firefox extensions on Android

It is true that extensions could be installed previously in Mozilla Firefox, but what currently allows is to access them through the same browser. The only essential and necessary thing is to obtain version 85 of Firefox or higher, which can be obtained in the Play Store. We have to do the following to get the extensions:

  1. Once you have downloaded and installed Firefox 85 on your Android, we open the app to access its home page. We will find a series of cards to configure the browser, but what interests us is below, with a three dots icon in the lower right corner.
  2. When pressed, a small menu appears where the option of “Accessories”.
  3. Of the different extensions that are shown, we have some of the most popular such as AdBlock, Search by Image, YouTube High Definition and many others such as password managers or proxy configurators.mozilla firefox add-ons
  4. To install them, we just have to click on them.
  5. Next, click on »Add to Firefox ».
  6. Depending on the type of extension we want to install, it is likely that the system will request permission so that the extension can perform certain actions. If this is the case, click on »Add».mozilla firefox install extensions
  7. Finally, a new window appears where we can add a quick access to said extension, although that only allows in private browsing, that is, in incognito mode. To finish, click on »Okay, understood».
  8. If we want to configure something about the extension, we only have to go back to the »Add-ons» section, where it will appear separately from the others and we can configure aspects such as permissions, execution in private browsing or activating it.

This rarely happens, but if any of the extensions fails right after activating it, it means that something is wrong. Therefore, we only have to exit the browser to restart it and the changes are applied.