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How to know and control the data that my Android phone consumes

Having a generous data rate has become almost a staple commodity. But, regardless of the data you have contracted, surely you have seen yourself at some point wondering how much you have left to not exceed what was agreed with your operator. So, It doesn’t hurt to know how much data your mobile has consumed Android at any time. That said, we teach you to know and limit the data consumption of your phone.

Most operators usually have a own app where you can see how much data and minutes you have consumed from your monthly rate, however, there are other tricks to know how much data your phone consumes without having to download any application and you can even set a limit not to exceed them. We show you how.

How to find out how much data your phone has consumed

Most Android phones, regardless of the manufacturer, have valuable information on the data consumption of your phone in the settings tab. Depending on the Android customization layer of each house, you will have to dig deeper in the settings. In most cases, you can see how many megabytes you have consumed in the “Data usage” tab of your settings. Here you will see a graph that shows the data you have consumed and the data you have left.

If you want to know how much each application consumes, you can see it in “Data traffic”, where you will see, in order of use, the megabytes that each app spends. If you fear running out of megabytes and running out of internet connection when you are away from your Wi-Fi network, don’t worry, then we will teach you to limit your rate so that you arrive at the end of the month with data to spare.

How to limit the consumption of mobile data

If you are always aware of how much data you have left until it is renewed and you do not want to go beyond the stipulated consumption, it will be useful to limit it. You can do it from Data usage – Settings – Monthly total of available data. In this section you can set the limit of megabytes or gigabytes you want so that your phone does not exceed them. By doing so, a pop-up will be displayed on your screen from which you can manage the limit again.

Screenshots of how to limit mobile data traffic

Datally: a detailed view of your data consumption

If you prefer to have an app that tells you about everything your phone consumes, you can always opt for the Google application. Datally monitors the data your mobile uses and helps you save it when you need it most. In it you can manage them, set a daily limit or even deactivate data roaming in the hours that you are asleep, so as not to spend unnecessarily. Undoubtedly an app you can trust to save data and know your daily consumption in detail.

Datally screenshot