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How to prepare for the second generation of Pokémon GO

Eevee> Espeon / Umbreon

Eevee is one of the most famous Pokémon in the mobile game due to the popularity of one of its evolutions, Vaporeon, and the trick to voluntarily choose which Pokémon we want it to evolve into. However, in the second generation come two other evolutions for Eevee, to Espeon and Umbreon. We can hope that 25 candies are also needed for the evolution of these Pokémon, and that we can also get them with a specific name, the one that their trainers had in the series of drawings. We will confirm that when the second generation is released. However, it is a good time to capture Eevee and preserve candies.

Onyx> Steelix

Okay, Onyx it’s cool. A stone snake that seems very cool, but later in the game does not have great power. Actually the reason why this could have happened is because it was expected that it could evolve with the second generation of the game, to Steelix, a Rock / Steel-type Pokémon that will have to be more powerful than Onyx. For this, it was necessary to balance the points of the first and the second. Start saving Onyx candy and get ready to evolve it.

Scyther Pokémon GO

Scyther> Scizor

Exactly the same situation we have with Scyther. A Pokémon without evolution in the first generation that seems versatile and powerful and that is nothing in Pokémon GO. However, this is predictably because its evolution is expected in the second generation, Scizor. It will also probably be a highly leveled Pokémon once evolved, a Bug / Steel type. Easily beatable with any fire-type Pokémon, but in any case a powerful Pokémon. Another with which you will have to save candy. It looked like a useless Pokémon, but it won’t be.

At last the Zubat will be useful

In addition to the above, others must be taken into account. Some of them will be the Zubat. The game is full of Zubat, but the Golbat they do not become very powerful, which makes it more or less useless to have and evolve them. But in the new generation it will come Crobat, an evolution of Golbat, which will take you to a higher level in combat points. A good option to prepare to evolve a powerful Golbat to a higher level. It will not be difficult to get candy.

In the same line we have Horsey and Seadra. Water Pokémon that in the second generation can evolve to Kingdra. This is a Water / Dragon type Pokémon. More powerful than the previous ones, and without a doubt of a type that will be very interesting to compete with others. Collect candies of this species if you are near marine areas.

Porygon2 and Blissey

And it was time to talk about useless Pokémon. Useless to fight, difficult to obtain, but perhaps for that reason interesting to exchange with those who do not have it in their Pokédex. We talk about Porygon2 and Blissey, the evolutions of Porygon and Chansey respectively. Striking creatures, rather not very useful, but that we could exchange for some powerful Pokémon when the exchange is launched also with this version of the game.

Be that as it may, the update will arrive in December, and that is when we can start playing Pokémon GO again as if there were a lot of new features to get used to.