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How to prevent apps from appearing on the home screen when installing

It is very simple and it will take you less than 3 minutes. You can recommend it to anyone who buys a new smartphone and remains an expert because you will save them the annoying task of erasing the start icons when they finish installing apps on their mobile. It is a bummer if you are not one of those who wants to have all the applications you use on the home screen. The setting is called «Add icon to home screen» and it is very easy to disable.

How to prevent apps from appearing on the home screen when installing

Take your mobile and open Google Play. In the upper right corner you have the icon with three horizontal bars to display the Option menu. When it’s open, look at the bottom until you find the option «Settings».

You don’t have to explore much between the various settings. The second option that you find is the one we are looking for: “Add icon to home screen”. Notice that below it warns you that this option by default is only aimed at new applications that you are going to install. Well, click on the green box on the right – that will be green and with the tip – to disable them.

google play icons

It’s ready! Precisely, what we have achieved is that the icons of the installed apps are not created on the home screen. You ask yourself, and how do I access the app? Do not worry, these icons are waiting for you in the box with all the applications you have installed on your mobile.

Try installing a new application and you will see how the new icon no longer appears in the home. If you have changed your mind or are reorganizing the shortcuts on your smartphone, no problem. Find the icon that you want to return to the home screen, press and hold it and drag it to place it where you want it.

It does not seem very useful that Google Play has this setting activated by default because it does not add anything positive to the user experience. At AndroidAyuda we offer useful tips and tricks so that users of Android devices can get the most out of it and enjoy all the possibilities offered by this operating system.