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How to put Android in black and white mode and save battery

The first thing we must do is enable developer optionsDon’t be scared, it’s not very complicated. However, you must be a little careful When it comes to moving through this menu, then you could modify an option that you did not want and completely change the behavior of your Android.

Steps for activate developer mode

  1. Go to phone settings.
  2. We scroll to the option «About device«.
  3. We access the option that says «Software information«.
  4. We will see that there is an option that is «Build number«.
  5. If we click on it 7 times in a row, a contextual menu will appear that will read «Developer options enabled«.

Activate Black and White mode

Now if we go back to the main screen of the phone settings, at the end of all, a new menu will have appeared with the icon of two keys «{}». This is Android’s hidden menu for developer options.

Now we only have the last step left and it is as simple as, look in the developer menu for the option called «Simulate color space»(This is usually the subsection«Accelerated Hardware Processing«), Press and activate the«Monochromatism»(If someone is color blind, you can try activating one of the other modes that are supposed to correct colors depending on the type of color blindness you have).

Developer options

And I would already be Black & White mode on, If you want put the phone back as it was, you just have to follow the same steps and turn off color space simulation. We hope this tutorial is very useful for you save battery on your Android devices.

Advantages of Black and White Mode over Dark Mode

At this point, you may be wondering what differences exist between black and white mode and the newly implanted in Android, dark mode. Well the main one is a better battery savingAs we mentioned before, screens with AMOLED technology, when they show a pixel in black, turn off all the LEDs (instead of turning on all of them as conventional screens do). Thus, if we have fewer colors and more shades of gray / black, the phone will use lower energy consumption in keeping the screen active and we will save more battery than with the dark mode.