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How to Rank Up in GO Fighting League Without Winning Matches

It is an independent trainer level, which basically serves to collect greater rewards and participate in higher level battles against other trainers. As we already know, GO Fighting League is the format most similar to the Nintendo editions of Pokémon.

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How to Rank Up in GO Fighting League

The truth is that it is not very difficult to level up in this mode, you just have to follow a routine and play constantly without leaving it aside. However, to further speed up the process of increasing the range there is a way to achieve it, attention, Doing almost nothing!

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We must cover a certain ratio of games, yes, but the proportional effort of yesteryear with which we must make now, is almost ridiculous, in addition to the fact that the most advisable thing would be to lose all possible combats. It is all due to a hidden multiplier That is activated when we have a certain amount of lost games, and also consecutively. Specifically, from the first 100 games lost, the multiplier will increase exponentially.

This concept is known as tanking, in which you have to stop beating the opponent as much as possible to obtain a higher grade in Matchmaking Rating, the system with which players of the same level are matched. This is because Niantic activated a feature called ‘play until you win’, being a way of encouraging players not to stop playing despite going into a very negative streak.

Is this scoring system eternal in Pokémon GO?

Yet it is not known how long this trick will last or system that Niantic has imposed. Maybe not much, once all the players know it and the win rate drops and the coaches’ involvement in improving their teams suddenly drops. Or what is worse, that half of the community is against and criticizes this decision.

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What we do know is that it is not against Niantic’s legality policies. In fact, the user who reported it on Reddit managed to reach Rank 10 in Season 2 with just 55 games played, and that has been 2 months. Nor is this very positive for Niantic, making a scoring system too random.