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How to register contacts from abroad in WhatsApp?

The Internet has created an interconnected world. Before it was extremely difficult to keep in touch with people from other countries. Now, we can do it in seconds thanks to our mobile phone. WhatsApp It is one of the services that has helped to make communication abroad grow. Now, is it that easy to add a foreign number to WhatsApp? It really is very simple, but if you have found yourself in that situation, it is very easy that you have done it wrong. Let’s see how to do it.

When we think of a mobile number from abroad, we find a series of numerical blocks that include hyphens, some have prefixes, and all this without forgetting the initial coding corresponding to each country. And one wonders, how do I enter that number? What elements should I take into account? Should I enter the hyphens? And the spaces? Anyway, when you start to try, you realize that you can’t find the right way.

In fact, Android is able to organize the number in the correct way automatically when it locates the origin of the same. Therefore, we just have to limit ourselves to doing the easiest thing of all, which is to enter the number without any symbols or spaces. All the numbers must be put together, and just before the number, put the country code. Instead of putting the plus sign, the +, we must put two zeros.

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An American number could be as follows: (612) 362-0298. It is normal doubt how we should enter the number so that both the mobile and WhatsApp be able to recognize it without any problem. But we just have to forget about the spaces, the hyphens, the parentheses, and put them all in a row: 6123620298. Since the number is from the United States, we enter the country code, which is 1, and put two zeros in front. Therefore, we have to enter 0016123620298, without thinking anything else. The mobile will automatically be able to adjust it to its correct position: 00 1 615-392-0113. And all without having to complicate things. We have to follow the same process when the number is from another foreign country, although substituting 1 for the corresponding country code, which in Spain is, for example, 34.