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How to set favorite songs on social networks

This function has its own name, called ‘Eternal Favorites’, it gives the option of publishing our most listened songs or favorite podcasts on social networks. The process is quite simple and it will only take us a few seconds to do it for the followers to see our musical tastes.

Spotify: play your favorite music and podcasts

Eternal Favorites, a function to share music on networks

As we say, this function allows us to have our own ‘Top 5’ of favorite songs or podcasts. In short, a compilation of the best content on the platform according to our taste, and that we can publish it on social networks. It is something that other apps already carry, especially dating apps like Tinder or Badoo, which already have a similar function.

spotify eternal favorites social networks

It is necessary to have the app updated, since otherwise it will not be possible for this event to appear on the screen, specifically in the «Home» section. It is nothing more than a list in which we can place the greatest hits that we have heard on the platform, as well as easy access to share the 5 most favorite on the networks, through a montage that is very good to publish on Twitter, Facebook or on an Instagram Storie.

How to set favorite songs on Spotify

After updating the app in the Play Store, since otherwise the banner in the main menu. The first thing we have to do and the most obvious thing is to enter Spotify, and from there, follow a few simple steps to add the songs.

  1. Once inside the application, click on the option «Share your eternal favorites » which will appear in the aforementioned «Home» section.
  2. We enter the screen specially dedicated to the eternal favorites, with five slots for enter five songs or podcasts.
  3. Click on the button that accesses «Add a song or a podcast» to start filling our list.favorite songs spotify
  4. A pop-up window with a search engine and two sections, one for songs and the other for podcasts. We must use the search engine to find the favorite topics and press the button «+ » to add them to the new list.
  5. Once the playlist is created, we go back and we already have the 5 favorite songs added, with a button to your right to delete them if we wanted to.
  6. Finally, click on the button “Share” located at the bottom, where it will generate an image to share it to any of the social networks.