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How to share pages from Chrome to mobile easily

Share pages from Chrome to mobile: never lose what is important

The connections between our mobile phone and our computer is very important today. Being able to work without barriers or borders on all of our devices is a great improvement in order to be truly productive. Depending on the terminals we use, the method may vary, but today there are enough standards to make it very easy to do no matter where you are working from. Therefore, we bring you three methods to send web pages from the Chrome browser to your mobile.

Method 1: the power of extensions

Most people will enhance their browser experience by using extensions. Thanks to them, extra functionalities can be added that make Chrome a more complete product. In the case that concerns us today, with Pushbullet We can make life much easier not only with the ability to view notifications on the computer, but also with the ability to send pages to the mobile with just two clicks.

You must install the application on your mobile and add the extension in Chrome. Once you log in to both with the same account, all you have to do is access the page you want to send and right-click anywhere. Mouse over Pushbullet and a list of connected devices will be displayed. Choose the mobile you prefer and voila, it will appear as a notification. If you click on it, the link will open in your default browser. If you don’t like Pushbullet, you can do the same with Join.

Download Pushbullet from the Play Store

Add the Pushbullet extension to Chrome for PC

Method 2: Chrome itself has the key

The second method uses tools built into the browser itself, but it is not exactly the same method. Here we are not talking about sending the page to the mobile, but about accessing it from the smartphone. How? Simple: using the history of the PC on the phone.

share pages from chrome to mobile with recent tabs

Opens Chrome for Android after having accessed the page on the PC. Click on the three-dot button and, in the extended menu, click on Recent tabs. In this category you will be able to see not only the recent pages accessed on Android, but also those of the PC or even the Chromebook. Just click on the page you need and that’s it.

Download Chrome for Android from the Play Store

Extra: this is how you can do it with Mac and iOS

To finish, and even though we are in Android Help, we teach you quickly how to do it with Apple devices. Connect your Mac and iPhone to the same account and open the page at Chrome for Mac. Click on File and then on Share to select Airdrop.

share pages from Chrome to mobile

You must then select your iPhone (or iPad) and voila, you will have it. However, if you want to be aware of everything related to Manzana, do not get used to seeing it here and stop by Apple5x1. You will have the best news and articles related to the Big Apple.