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How to simulate the Doze tool on terminals without Android Marshmallow

And all this, no need to unprotect (root) the terminal you have, be it a phone or tablet. Therefore, apart from the simplicity when obtaining the corresponding applications, there is no other way, the device in question is not endangered, since it is not necessary to manipulate it in a special way and if what is achieved is not convincing, eliminating what has been done is more than enough.

Will your mobile be compatible with Doze? So you can know

What do you get with the Doze tool?

Basically, battery is saved since the idle processes that Android terminals run are properly managed, “killing” those that are not necessary and restricting those that do not have a fundamental condition. The fact is that autonomy is greatly benefited, which is always very positive for users.


Get it on your Android

As we have said, getting the Doze tool on an Android without Marshmallow is possible (although the replica is not 100%). Of course, once you have the corresponding applications you must proceed to the configuration of each of them customized form to adjust it to the needs of each user. This, by the way, is not particularly complicated and, the best thing is to try each possibility that each development offers to see the effect that is achieved.

This is Doze, the secret weapon of Android 6.0 to reduce consumption (configuration)

The recommendation we make is to use the following developments in combination: Greenify and NetGuard (Another one called Doze cannot be ruled out, of which we also leave the link). The first what it allows is an advanced management of consumption, assessing specific situations and even the time of day in which it is. Is very complete.

NetGuard, firewall without root
NetGuard, firewall without root

Netguard, for its part, is the one that will manage the use of the applications, whether you have a connection or if this is not the case. A recommendation, do not forget to activate the option Allow WiFi when screen is onOtherwise you may experience connectivity problems.


In the case of having a terminal rooted, the recommendation changes, since there is a work that allows emulating the Doze tool in a much more optimal and unique way: Servicely. Its use is very simple and, the truth is that the power when configuring is excellent.

Servicely to control your phone
Servicely to control your phone