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How to take screenshots with the Samsung Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus: Samsung’s new calls

The Galaxy S9 Y Galaxy S9 Plus They are two real calls. Our colleagues from Mobile Zone have measured the power of the two devices and sweep away the competition. The new Galaxy S9 are, once again, the best on the market, incredible phones with Project Treble integration. And, if you still doubt it, our colleague José Morales tells you everything in the new video of the Android YouTube channel Help:

How to take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy S9

New Samsung devices have three different methods of taking screenshots. Whichever you choose, they are all very simple and will allow you to capture what you want and need quickly at any time. If you want to try other alternatives, you can try taking screenshots with a single button.

Method 1: the Android classic

The first method is the classic Android method, the one common to most devices in the screenshots. It is about pressing the volume down key at the same time that we press the button Power, to turn on the screen. When a sound is produced and the screen prompts you, the screenshot will have been created.

Method 2: with the palm of your hand

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus still have this peculiar and interactive method of capturing images. It is a very simple gesture, with which we just have to pass the palm of the hand from side to side of the screen to take the capture. Simple and effective. To activate it, go to Adjustment, go to the menu Advanced functions and look for the option Swipe palm to capture.

Method 3: help me, Bixby

Bixby is the digital assistant for Samsung’s Galaxy phones, offering a very easy way to take screenshots. Simply activate the assistant by voice or by means of the key dedicated to it and command it to «Take a screenshot».

Edit your screenshot with the Samsung Galaxy S9

Once you take the screenshot, the device will offer you four options: Scrolling capture, To draw, Trim Y Share. The last one speaks for itself, while the first three will allow you to edit the image. They can be activated or deactivated from the Advanced functions:

  • Scroll Capture: It will allow you to capture entire websites and take larger screenshots.
  • To draw: Add what you want on the image.
  • Trim: Save only the part that interests you.