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How to win races in any game

They are not cheap tricks, they are improvements and hidden options that will greatly increase your chances of victory both in story mode and in online competition, we assure you. It is a game still little explored and with many possibilities to continue increasing its extension in all registers, including the qualifiers, where the best run.

KartRider Rush +

Don’t abuse drift in KartRider Rush +

The first of the tricks in KartRider Rush + is a tip in the race, and it is that this error comes from both the initial tutorial and the design of the game itself. In this tutorial, it tells you to use the drifting along the curves, with more or less pulsation depending on the length of the same. The first mistake is to think that you have to perform drifting in each and every one of them, since sometimes that makes us lose time, usually in the slower corners.

KartRider Rush + drift tricks

It is true that it must be taken into account, since this way we can recharge the impulse bar earlier, which will give us much more speed. The best thing is that drift takes place in fast corners, since in the slow ones you can sin by pressing the screen too much and end up doing a spin.

Create a strategy and play style

If you go to the “Settings” section, you will be able to configure the controls both in position on the screen and in size of the buttons. If you continue in that menu, you will see a section called “Controls”, followed by a section with the controls arranged on the screen to adapt them to your liking. This can be an advantage if enlarge the buttons to make them easier to press, even if that takes away some visibility.

KartRider Rush + karts tricks

On the other hand, in the game you can establish several strategies to carry out in the race. There are different types of vehicles with different characteristics. Not only do you have to look at aesthetics, but there are cars with more speed or more resistance, stronger cars against a certain special attack, etc. The same happens with the pilots you choose, since Bell cat, for example, you have a 25% more immunity against water pump.

Upgrade your ‘Racer’

Speaking of the pilots, another of the tricks in KartRider Rush + and you may not take into account, is that the racers can be upgraded for more speed, a longer lasting boost, increased resistance against special attacks, etc. It is important to consult their attributes and check the moment in which they can continue to evolve, since to carry out this task it is necessary that you go to the “Potential” section.

KartRider Rush + racers tricks

You can also choose to acquire new characters to your collection, with different attributes that allow you to be more versatile in events. The game provides information about the requirements to meet to buy each pilot, apart from the obvious investment of coins. For it:

  1. Go to the “Storage” menu.
  2. Choose the “Corridor” option.
  3. Click on «List of Runners», where you will find the complete catalog of the riders, with a card containing their requirements.

Currency types in KartRider Rush +

In the game we have different currencies to spend on integrated content, such as nuevos vehicles or characters to run. However, there are more items that can be purchased, each with its specific currency.

  • Lucci: They are the gold coins that are obtained in the races of the story mode and missions. They are the easiest to accumulate and serve to enhance potential.
  • K-Coins: It is another of the easily accumulated coins that are obtained both in missions and as events. They are mainly used for the purchase of karts and drivers. A similar mission has the Turbo crystals, that are obtained by participating in events and are used to improve karts.
  • Use element Milk, it causes you to improve the pilots’ pets, which accompany you and improve your attributes.
  • The Batteries They are the coins that are obtained by paying, that is, by investing real money in the game. Although as we have said on occasion, it is not necessary to win races.

With these tips and tricks you will be able to master this racing game so similar to its counterpart Mario Kart much sooner. Obviously the title hides some more ins and outs, but we have tried to highlight the less intuitive or those that are least taken into account.