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HTC dispenses with Beats Audio headphones

Everything seems to indicate that HTC abandons the idea of ​​including in the sales pack of its models such as, HTC Sensation XL, the headphones from the prestigious firm Beats Audio. Apparently, this incentive has not had the acceptance that the Taiwanese thought and have announced that they dispense with this “luxurious” accessory.

Last year HTC was launched to buy Beats By Dr Dre, a company specialized in sound for music lovers. The majority acquisition of its shares was intended to bring HTC smartphones closer to the sound quality associated with the Californian brand. One of the first models to take advantage of Beats Audio technology was the HTC Sensation XL, which included a dedicated audio chip, specific software for media playback and high-end headphones, the Beats Audio Solo.

A few months after the commercial launch of models such as the HTC Sensation XL, the brand would have realized that including an expensive pack like the one offered did not reward in the expected way. According to a Taiwanese manager, HTC I would have found that most users do not pay much interest in buying a terminal because of the type of headphones included with the phone. Those who do seek audio quality independently purchase the desired type of headphones.

In Spain, Orange is one of the operators that welcomed the HTC Sensation XL in their catalog. Currently it can be purchased in two versions: one with over-ear headphones and the other with in-ear headphones, of which we can insert into the ear. Obviously, the inclusion of one type of headphones or another influences the final price of the sales pack, which is generally higher than the price of a terminal without headphones for lovers of quality sound.

However, HTC will not completely do without the collaboration of Beats Audio, which took command last year for a figure close to 300 million dollars. As collected CNet In an interview with Martin Fichter, the models will continue to include the dedicated audio chip that allows you to get the most out of multimedia files.