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I want to program in Android, what languages ​​should I know?

In this post we will talk about programming languages most used in Android, so that when you finish reading them you will know where to start your journey through the world of mobile development, specifically the mobile operating system owned by Google.


Kotlin, the successor to Java

Is he newest of all as far as Android programming is concerned, since almost a year ago, Google adopted it as top-notch language for Android development

According to many developers, is the worthy successor of Java, since it is a much more modern, simpler and less confusing language than the current king of Android programming languages.

Its code is perfectly compatible with Java, that is, if we have an App written in Java and we want to add a new function, it will not be necessary to throw out the complete code, but we will write in Kotlin directly. The direct consequence of this compatibility is that, unsurprisingly, Any Java library can be used from Kotlin.



JAVA, the basic language of Android

Is he basic language and base for any development on Android, since it is its native language, although currently a large part of the Android developer community agrees that Java is outdated.

Since the Android API makes use of this language, we must have certain knowledge of this language to be able to program our own application.

The main advantage This programming language is, apart from what is established, it is the great community it has, that is, if you need help or support of some kind, it would not be very difficult to find a solution.

Another advantage of Java is that, knowing some relatively basic premises or orders, you will be able to program complex programs and, thanks to this language, you will be able to create practically any type of application with hardly any limits.


I want to program on Android

XML, the perfect pair of Java

If we translate its acronym into Spanish, it means Extensible Markup Language. Its main function is the use of labels in order to store data in a more readable and “simple” facing the user and the computer. Let’s say offers a reference to the semantic field of the tag that we include in the code.