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In the game Call of Duty: Heroes you will control an army to triumph in the combats

Within the units that are directed there are from troops formed by elite soldiers to modern drones that they are capable of attacking specific places without putting the life of any soldier at risk. In addition, there is the possibility of using heroes (some of them emblematic) that make the “job” much easier. And what the user must do is organize and direct the necessary attacks to win.

Like any good real-time strategy game worth its salt, in Call of Duty: Heroes it is necessary to advance to give your army greater power of destruction. For this, it is possible to customize the base you have (which must be expanded from an advanced point made up of a small detachment). An interesting detail: there is a multiplayer mode in this CoD, so it is possible to create -and break- the alliances that are reached with other players in order to be the one who gets the most rewards.

3D graphics

Well yes, unlike other titles of this type, Call of Duty: Heroes includes three-dimensional graphics of both units and terrain. They are of quite high quality and, in addition, there is a very attractive option for those who like to shoot from time to time: it is possible put yourself in the shoes of a helicopter gunner to be the one who kills the enemies. A differential and attractive detail. As for the sound, it must be said that the included one is good, with very worked effects when shooting and reflecting explosions.

The control of the units, which is carried out with the touch screen, is quite good – although it requires a learning process to be able to play with ease. But once a couple of scenarios are played, this passes away and a very complete title is enjoyed without problems and that allows you to spend several hours of play in the environment of the Call of Duty game saga.

Using the first person in the game Call of Duty Herores

Get the game

If you want to download this title, you can do it in this link from Play Store without any cost. The requirements are Android 2.3.3 and 45 MB of space in the corresponding terminal. The operation in dual-core devices is correct, but the ideal is to play Call of Duty: Heroes with models with four “cores”. Other games for the Google operating system can be found in this section of Android Help.