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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3, price comparison

The iPhone 5 has reached the Spanish market today, and can be purchased from this very morning. Apple’s new racing car attracts everyone’s eye, and it’s going to become one of the best-selling smartphones on the market. However, you are going to face one of the biggest rivals you could have, the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now that both are in stores, we can compare the prices of both devices with the respective rates with which we can buy them, and the operators that offer it.

Vodafone, with grant for portability

After Vodafone recovered its subsidies, it has once again become one of the best ways to get a smartphone at a good price from the initial payment. The iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 can be obtained with the same rates from a portability to a contract from another company, and this is how you get the cheapest price.

  • iPhone 5: 129 euros in a single payment, with the @XL rate, for 80 euros per month. On the other hand, we reached 639 euros with a @ XS8 rate of 15 euros per month. From @XL to @ XS8 we find other rates with other prices, which can be consulted at the Vodafone page. It must be clarified that the signing of the contract commits the user to a 24-month stay with the company and at the corresponding rate. Those are the prices of the 16 GB version, the 32 GB version will cost 100 euros more (apparently at all levels), and the 64 GB, 200 euros more. However, these last two are not yet available in the official Vodafone store. It can be purchased in black and white.
  • Samsung Galaxy s3: 99 euros in a single payment, with the @XL rate, for 80 euros per month. On the other hand, 499 euros are reached with the most basic data rate, the @ XS8, of 15 euros per month. Intermediate prices also provide intermediate prices, available at the Vodafone website. The stay is 24 months with the company and with the selected rate. Vodafone has a unique 16 GB version of this terminal. It can be purchased in white and blue.

Orange, another option if we are looking for portability

If we are determined to get one of these two mobiles making portability to get it cheaper, we can also resort to the only operator that has never stopped offering subsidies, Orange.

  • iPhone 5: The lowest price for which you can get the Apple device with Orange stays in the 200 euros, with the rates Delfín 59 and Delfín 79. On the other hand, if we want to get him with a new registration the minimum price would be 600 euros. A migration (switch from card to contract) at one of the Delfín rates, would allow us to acquire it for 530 euros. All these prices would imply the signing of a 24-month contract with Orange, having to maintain the rate for 18 months. Also, it is the price corresponding to the 16 GB version. Those of 32 GB and 64 GB will cost approximately 100 and 200 euros more, respectively. It can be purchased in black and white.
  • Samsung Galaxy s3: If we put ourselves in the same case, we see that the Galaxy S3 can be purchased for 89 euros With the Delfin 59 and Delfín 79 rates, 479 euros with the smallest data rate, the Delfín 20. On the other hand, if we are looking for a new registration, we can get the smartphone for a minimum price of 479 euros. In the latter case, a migration from card to contract Orange would leave the flagship of the South Koreans at a base price of 469 euros. All these prices are those obtained with rates Delfín 59, Delfín 79 and Ballena 55 (although in migration and new registration, the same prices are also obtained with lower rates). In addition, they correspond to the 16 GB version, the only one available. It is available in white and blue.

Movistar, the most elaborate of all

Movistar offers different options, each more complicated. We are going to keep the basic one, the payment in installments, regardless of the rate we have. The final price can be modified if we have points and rates with a certain minimum. Or, delivering an old terminal. Good prices are obtained by delivering an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4.

  • iPhone 5: 28.06 euros per month for the 16 GB version, 32.33 euros per month for the 32 GB version, and 36.87 euros per month for the 64 GB version. These are the monthly payments that would have to be paid by means of the financing of the device, in a total of 24 installments, with the rate that we want. However, you can get better prices with points. 40,000 points, together with a minimum contracted consumption of 45 euros per month, would lower the final price of the device by 208 euros. The advantage is that the rest could be financed at 19.4 euros per month. To obtain it at no cost, you would have to have contracted a minimum consumption of 55 euros per month and 260,000 points, or 320,000 points and a rate of seven euros per month.
  • Samsung Galaxy s3: The company’s flagship is in a slightly better situation. Its price, in the installment payment modality with portability to Movistar, is 24 euros per month, to which should be added the price of the contracted monthly rate, as in the previous case, with a stay of 24 months . You can get better deals if you have points, which includes ways to get it for up to zero euros.