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Is the OnePlus 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus faster?

Speed ​​tests: classic on YouTube

YouTube, as a platform, welcomes all kinds of videos and tests of varied interest. In the world of technology Youtube it has a lot of impact, and with each new phone that is launched, videos appear that have several factors in common. We recently saw how strong the OnePlus 6 is, but those kinds of tests are not the only ones. The speed tests they are very popular too.

Normally, they work by putting one mobile in front of another, performing the same tasks and comparing the times each one takes. Opening applications and keeping them in the background is the standard of measurement today, in a more or less scientific method in which the human error factor always comes into play; since sometimes the pulsations can be made at different times.

OnePlus 6 vs Galaxy S9 Plus: which mobile is faster?

That is why the test that we show you today is special, since it seeks to eliminate this possible error factor and measure more exactly which phone is faster. The human is replaced by a machine, two pre-programmed mechanical arms with an identical path between the two phones. In addition, the icons are placed in the same way, also seeking to limit the distances to travel so as not to give an advantage to the smaller phone.

This is how we got to today’s comparison. OnePlus 6 vs Galaxy S9 Plus: which of these two phones is faster? You can see the results below:

He OnePlus 6 comes out the winner of the contest. In general lines they moved quite tied, and even the Galaxy S9 has taken the lead a couple of times. However, the 8 GB of the OnePlus 6 has made its weight in gold worthwhile to take the advantage when opening the final apps. In the second round, which consists only of checking if they are still open in the background, the Chinese device proves unstoppable, while the Korean firm’s mobile advances smoothly, but is hampered by the advantage achieved in the first round. So yes, the OnePlus 6 is faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, although in other sections such as battery, camera or screen the story can be very different.