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Keeper Password Manager security and simplicity on your Android

One of the important details of this work is that it is translated, which allows all types of users to use Keeper Password Manager. The fact is that the language is not exactly a problem. Apart from this, it should be noted that the interface that exists in the application is well structured and thought out, so everything is quite accessible (an example is the use of the upper headbands, without missing everything important in the central part of the touch screen).

Apart from the usual use that is given to Keeper Password Manager, one of the virtues of this development is that it allows you to use the fingerprint readers if the terminal you have includes it, so it is possible to associate the master password with this accessory (which greatly increases the simplicity of use). Thus, just by placing your finger it is possible to access the bank application or email. Whatever you want. We really liked this.

For complete security, Keeper Password Manager offers the use of encryption (AES-256 and also PBKDF2), so it is very difficult for unauthorized people to access the master password. And by the way, by extension this is so with the «safe box»That is created in which the real passwords are stored, which is a very positive addition. The fact is that the developer company has penalized almost everything. An interesting detail that should not be forgotten is that Keeper Password Manager can be used on smartphones that are not powerful, such as the Moto E. For example, it is not necessary to have a high-end to take advantage of it.

Keeper Password Manager

Using Keeper Password Manager

This development can be used on different devices, which do not necessarily have to be smartphones and tablets. Thus, for example, the computer is a completely viable option (and establishing synchronization between those that is used is completely viable). The fact is that this option allows a professional use of Keeper Password Manager since it is possible to use theto cloud in mobility conditions.

One of the possibilities included in the application, to increase security, is to create user access sessions for a specified time. Therefore, what is open is perfectly controlled. Besides, it is possible to create a place completely closed and hidden for anyone (like a safe), where you can save all kinds of files that you want to be saved and that nobody knows that they are stored on the smartphone or tablet.

Finally, we must talk about Keeper DNS, a tool that offers additional security to the application since it establishes a most useful two-step access. It should also be noted that Keeper Password Manager can change its appearance by using the use of themes, this is something that users generally demand a lot of.

Get Keeper Password Manager

The application can be downloaded without paying anything so much from Galaxy Apps as from Play StoreHowever, after a while the most professional options are paid, although the basic ones, including password management, continue to work. A good development that is quite intuitive to use and that for the most forgetful it is the most useful to avoid having to go around trying password after password.

Keeper Table Password Manager

Download Keeper Password Manager in Galaxy Apps.