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know your connection speed on Android

How to always know your connection speed on Android

Speed ​​Test Plus is an application available on the Play Store that allows you to know what your connection speed is. It is a free application that belongs to ADSLZone Group, made up of portals such as ADSLZone, MobileZone, SoftZone and AndroidHelp.

Its operation is very simple. Once downloaded, open the application and you will be on the main screen. Everything will be zero. You must press the button Start Test to start the measurement. Do it and you will know your download speed, upload speed and your ping. Keep in mind that data will be consumed if you are connected to mobile networks and not to Wi-Fi.

In the hamburger menu on the left you can see the rest of the application options. You can access a record in which to view the upload and download information, along with the name of the connection, server data, client data and location. If you don’t want to save a specific test, you can easily delete it.

He setup menu It is very simple. You can set a time limit for both the upload and download tests: by default it is 5 seconds for both. You will also be able to see the version number and licenses. Finally, in the menu ADSLzone info You can access the Group’s portals. Select one of the sites and it will open in your default browser.

android connection speed

The application stands out in this regard both for its ease of use as options. It is very useful in situations where our Internet connection does not seem stable and we need to determine where the problem is coming from. In addition, the history is useful if we are testing different configurations on our router and want to keep an easy record of which one is working better. It also works from Android 4.0 or higher, so it is valid for a wide range of devices.

Speed ​​Test Plus is a free application with non-intrusive advertising. You can download it from Play Store through the following button. On other devices, you can also access our Speed ​​Test:

Speed ​​Test Plus
Speed ​​Test Plus