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Learn how to change your Dropbox password and activate 2-Step Verification

The first thing you should do is access your Dropbox account in a computer, because in this way performing the steps is much easier, especially with regard to security access with two steps. Therefore, access the address Once in it, access in the normal way to be able to start the change process.

Once you are on the home page, what you need to do is go to the top right and click on the triangle right next to your name. Among the options that appear you must select Setting In this way, go to the section that allows you to make all the changes. Once in this, at the top there are three tabs, select Security and you can start with the necessary changes.

Start changing the information and activate the two steps

The first thing is to change the password, something that is not complicated and that is done by clicking on the link called Change Password. A window appears in which you must first indicate the current one and, in the one just below, put the new one you want to use. Once both things are done, you simply have to press the blue button in the box and with this you will have advanced to increase security and possible compromise in the face of the previous information leakage.

Dropbox security options

But the best way to increase protection against possible attacks or theft of information is to establish the Verification in two steps when accessing the account, something that is not activated by default and that must be done expressly. To do this, click on the option Enable which is just to the right of State, before the Sessions section.

Change password in Dropbox

A process will begin that explains what the addition consists of, which basically what it does in sending a message to a phone number with a numeric code when you want to connect an application or access from an account that is not the usual one (already discharged). For this, it is necessary to indicate two phone numbers: the first is your own to receive notifications and, the second, is a backup in case you have any kind of problem with the one indicated above.

final step to enable 2-Step Verification in Dropbox

You will receive a verification text message that you must accept and enter the information received in the activation process and then provide a Recovery code in case the previous two steps fail. This should be signed up and not lost, as it is the last resort to access the data in Dropbox. Once this is done, it is accepted that the two-step verification process is activated and, in this way, the security of your account will increase exponentially.

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