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Learn the L-Catch of Pokémon GO so that no Pokémon escapes

Get it right the first time with the L catch

It is very likely that at some point you have tried to catch a Pokémon and have spent a lot of Pokéballs without actually succeeding in even hitting the Pokémon you were trying to catch, right? There is a very simple way to avoid this, and it is with the capture in L, with which you ensure that the Pokéball is going to hit the Pokémon with almost total security. From here capturing it or not will depend on other factors. You have the capture in L below in this GIF although we are going to explain it a little in depth.

Through the augmented reality of Pokémon GO, it consists of moving the Pokéball to the extreme left of the screen, and then moving it along the side of the screen to the height of the Pokémon. When released, the Pokéball will go towards the Pokémon in question, and not only that, but it will be a curved launch, for which we will receive more experience.

Other factors that you should take into account when capturing a Pokémon is that some of them are more difficult to capture, so you will need either better types of Pokéball, such as Superball, or give Frambu berries to the Pokémon. You can also wait until the scope is at its largest diameter to launch the Pokéball, this also increases the chances of catching. And the color of it too, logically, although this is nothing more than an identification of the capture rate of said Pokémon.

With this little trick, you will no longer spend Pokéball without hitting the Pokémon you want to capture, so you will not resist getting Scraggy, one of the most difficult Pokémon to find. And you will also get more experience when throwing a curve ball when catching Pokémon.