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Learn to dodge attacks in Pokémon GO

When you go to a gym in Pokemon go, you have two types of attack, the standard attack, for which you just have to press the screen, and the special attack, which is obtained after accumulating normal attacks. However, we can also dodge. This is not widely used, but it can be especially interesting if we learn how to use it. We are going to learn this move, just like we learn about Dark Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

Dodging attacks

In a fight against a gym, to perform a normal attack, you only have to press the screen once or repeatedly to constantly execute the same attack. When the special attack bar has been loaded, you just have to press and hold on the screen. However, there is another option, which is to dodge, and this is done when we slide on the screen. However, a problem remains. And it is that a priori If we are always dodging, we will never attack. It is also not possible to constantly dodge, so if we just dodge, sooner or later they will end up defeating us and we are never going to attack. So the ideal is to dodge at the appropriate time. So far dodging seemed pointless, but it isn’t.

Dodge special attacks

The key is to dodge the special attacks. This means that we must avoid only the powerful attacks of the Pokémon in front of us. It is useless to avoid simple attacks, because they can be done constantly, and as much as we manage to dodge some, others we will not be able to avoid. However, if we avoid a special attack, will have to be recharged to be used again. There it will be really effective to dodge the attacks.

But when? Be guided by the GIF that accompanies this post and what has been generated by PokeAssistant. Basically when it appears a yellow flash on the screen we see that the rival Pokémon is going to perform a special attack. The optimal time to dodge is 0.7 seconds. But don’t complicate yourself trying to count the time. Just when you see the flash, swipe to the side and try to avoid the special attack.

In the case of Pokémon whose special attack they can only perform once, this could be very useful. It must be said that the special attack will harm us, but much less than if we do not dodge it, and It could be key to winning in gyms and much more if we are going to participate in the battles between users that could soon arrive with the new December update to Pokémon GO.