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Marvel: War of Heroes, card game for Android

They are digital and collectible cards in which the user is put in the role of a SHIELD agent and must create a team with your deck to win a band of villains who want to end the world … come on, the usual when it comes to Marvel. A surprising detail is that, for now, the online gambling option is not available (but it is expected to arrive over the next year.

The most interesting thing is to build the deck of cards

Once the game is installed, it is free and can be obtained at this link from Google Play, you can start playing if you need to register in any section. As soon as a couple of games are played, one realizes that the most interesting thing is the deck creation cards to have real chances of winning the game This is the case with real card games, so we must congratulate Mobage, who has managed to transfer the experience to the Android world.

In the technical section, everything is as it should. The graphics are attractive, especially because of the drawings of heroes or villains, but no bragging is made on the three-dimensional plane. The Marvel: War of Heroes soundtrack is good, but like almost all mobile games, it ends up being somewhat tedious.

In this game you can find cards from the most well-known characters of the Marvel house, such as Iron Man, Thor or Hulk, and it is very interesting to note that the illustrations are created by well-known artists such as Aleksi Briclot or Simon Bisley. If you are a fan of Marvel comics, you should not miss this game (for this you only need to have an Android 2.1 or higher terminal and 6.1 MB of free space).