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Mobile, with more weapons and a new map

The type of content that will come to us with this new season will not be a surprise, especially because of the history of these updates throughout the time the game arrives on the Android platform. So far, all the content has been related to the inclusion of maps, weapons and many mythical elements of the saga and other previous titles. Content that will make us play more and probably, we can earn more experience points in Call of Duty.

Call of Dutyยฎ: Mobile

Tokyo Escape, the name for this new season

Activision is finally going to change this with the arrival of the third season. In fact, the new map has already been released in another title in the franchise, in COD Mobile: China. The game aimed at the Asian market is not exactly the same as the one we enjoy in the West, and has a different update cadence. In addition to all the new content, this season has a very particular theme, and that is that it will be set in Japanese culture, but of the old one.

In China the map has been called Coastal, and can be played in different 5v5 multiplayer modes. It is a large map, with wide roads and open areas, where long-distance shootings are favored and it will be necessary to take refuge from snipers. Most of the maps in COD: Mobile are from previous games in the franchise Call of duty. Coastal, however, this will be exclusive to Call of Duty for mobile. It remains to be seen if the bug is still active in order to exit the map.

cod mobile season 3 tokyo escape

In addition, it has a new class for the battle royale such as Spotter, an anti-aircraft specialist, it is the latest addition to the Battle Royale mode. He has played mainly as a support for the team and is on the lookout for any aerial threats. Players who plan to claim it can do so by participating in the Quick Hands Challenge in May.

While the weapons have not been officially revealed, they appear to be the PP19 Bizon submachine gun and the Renetti pistol, from Modern Warfare. In the Call of Duty developer they also listen to users, since in recent months, the community has complained about the lack of balance of weapons in the game. In a recent public test release, Activision tested many different balance changes on weapons. Some of those changes are likely to be rolled out in season three to resolve the issue.

Season 3 release date

The current season of Call of Duty Mobile will come to an end on April 16. The third season of Call of Duty: Mobile is expected to begin on April 16. However, the content update for Escape from Tokyo should arrive the day before, on Thursday the 15th. If nothing happens to prevent it, the third season will begin immediately after, on April 17.

The official Twitter account of the video game has shown a small teaser from the mapAlthough it has not revealed the official name – it may not retain the Chinese name – nor the date. You can see this preview in the form of a video just above these lines.